Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Circular Economy – What Does the Circular Economy Mean for Polifilm?

Sustainability makes the circular economy inevitable. Designing waste and pollution by keeping products and materials in cyclical use will recreate natural systems. The Circular Economy will also be the solution to save the future of our children and humanity. The primary way to be 100% recyclable is to adopt circular economy conditions. If we, consumers do not change their current habits, global use of natural resources could triple to reach 140 billion tonnes by 2050. The rate of use of minerals, ores, fossil, and plant fuels that our world offers to us does not seem sustainable at all.

The goal of the Circular Economy is to transform the economic structure. Designing pollution and wastes by 100% Recycling and recreating natural systems are among the basic principles of the Circular Economy.

  • Circularity Requires Reusability
  • Reusability Requires Recyclability
  • And Recyclability provided with %100 Mono Pe Material!


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