Our Approach

Our Approach

In the light of our principles of "Recyclability for Sustainability", we make you a part of the Circular Economy with the 100% Recyclable solutions we offer!

Flexible packaging, whose ability to separate and mechanically recyclable features proven on an industrial scale in Europe, is designed to be recyclable. The most crucial facet of creating a circular economy environment is to adopt 100% Recyclability.

As Polifilm, we produce %100 Polyethlene based Films. We have designed the Polyethlene Films to be used as the NEW Packaging Structure to be printed, laminated and many types of pouchs made. Additionaly, Barrier properties can be included in our design, fully comply with the %100 recyclability.

NEW technology and EXPERT design will not only be Sustainable, but also will be Cost-Reducing.



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