Our Facility

Our Facility

At Polifilm, product and service quality has a vital role in the company's goals. Competitiveness and brand awareness in the market is a goal to be achieved by providing continuous quality. In this framework, our operational activities for consistent quality and control criteria are updated according to the needs. Quality complaints in products and services are the keys and leading forces of improvements.

In this regard, we consider it our duty to invest in every need. BRC accredits our factory, located at the intersection of major cities, 240 km southeast of Istanbul. It provides easy access to excellent logistics facilities and transportation options. We have the Climatized Air in side of our process area with the G4 External/F9 Internal Filter Air Handling Unit, the ambient air in the production area is renewed three times per hour with ISO Epm2.5 > 95% bacteria-free, conditioned, positive pressure clean air.

Our facility meets all the requirements of the modern world and lays the foundations for advancing the packaging industry in a more sustainable direction. Thus, as Polifilm, we follow our customers' commitments towards more environmentally friendly packaging.

All our products, PE Shrink Film, PE Air Bubble Film and PE Lamination Film are produced with polyethylene. We are committed to comply with the requirements of the environment, occupational safety, and quality depending on laws and regulations. We aim to establish the system's effectiveness, ensure continuous improvement, and carry out product development studies within the framework of quality, environment, and food safety.



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