PFL-rCycle Advantages

Material/Welding Efficiency: It has an efficient welding structure thanks to its 100% mono-material production. The use of life cycle assessment tools shows that flexible packaging generally results in less fossil fuel use, greenhouse gas emissions, and water use than other formats due to its being very lightweight (resource reduction).

Lightness/Resource Reduction: Being useful in terms of lightness and resource reduction with its oxygen barrier structure. Flexible packaging is much lighter than other materials and therefore helps with resource reduction.

Useful Lifecycle Metrics: The use of lifecycle assessment tools has shown that flexible packaging, due to its very lightweight, generally results in less fossil fuel use, greenhouse gas emissions, and water use than other formats. Thanks to its 100% recyclable structure, it contributes to the environment.

Solid Waste Land Reduction: It supports waste reduction studies within the scope of recyclability. Flexible packaging starts with less waste in the first place, thus significantly reducing landfill waste.

Extending the Shelf Life of Food: Packaging made of added plastic material for food may be related to substances that can expand and replace the shelves of foods. Thanks to its flexible packaging structure, it is beneficial in terms of extending the shelf life.

High Product-Package Ratio: The high support rate providing for products put into service in a packaged way. A measure of material efficiency showing how much of a product sold to the consumer is made up of the product and how much by the weight of the packaging. Flexible packaging almost always has a higher product-to-pack ratio compared to other forms of packaging.

Transport Advantages with its Free Structure and Lightness: Flexible materials are usually shipped flat or in rolls. This feature allows multiple packages to be shipped on one truck, reducing transportation-related energy and fossil fuel consumption compared to any packaging material. In addition to solvent-based or solvent-free laminations, it provides full support and ease of transport in structures with or without zippers.



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PFL- rCycle