PFL-rCycle Features

Excellent Performance in Rotogravure Printing: OPE Films with highly advanced mechanical properties are suitable for high-speed performance rotogravure machines. You can fully adapt to the circular economy thanks to our solutions that show excellent performance in rotogravure printing.

Working in Solvent-Based and Solventless Lamination: The lamination process consists of adhesive, heat, and speed. OPE Films need to meet the requirements of the lamination process. It contributes to fully supported working in solvent-based or solvent-free laminations according to your preference.

Suitable For All Kinds Of Packaging With Or Without Zipper:. Zippers made of 100% PE suitable for OPE as mono-material, OPE Films, SUP, gusset, etc. It is tested and achieved extreme success for many Bags, depending on your preference, providing excellent performance in structures with or without zippers.

Metallizable Structure: Thanks to its flexibility, it has a metallizable structure feature. OPE Films do not elongate on the MD due to their pre-stretch quality and can easily accommodate the metal on its surface.

100% Sortability And 100% Recyclability With Available Recycling Streams: PE Recycling streams are the most common in cost-efficient recycling. With the aim of 100% recycling, it can be easily separated and sorted, and recycled in the return streams.

Possess Folding Properties for Twist Packaging: Pre-stretching the film improves its folding properties. Thanks to its oxygen-containing structure, it provides flexibility in different packaging and folding issues.

Suitability for Laser Cutting: It provides suitability for laser cutting methods within the scope of productions for different purposes. OPE Films do not cause problems in laser cutting processes.

Being Sustainable: Thanks to its 100% mono-material and 100% recyclable structure, it contributes to the circular economy and the environment in a sustainable perspective. PE recycling streams are most widely known. PE technology is helpful for environmental needs and regulations.



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PFL- rCycle